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Hello guys I’m Jyothika here in Gurgaon offering escorts in Gurgaon to all of you. Guys I am working with two more girls Sanjna & Niharika. We are three young girls living in a PG together, we all three needed money for our personal problems and requirements. One day we were drinking together & did so many things like lesbians. On that day we all three realized and decided to earn money easy & short time. We started serving like escort girls through various Gurgaon escorts agencies but nobody gave us right amount in return of our best effort in providing our service to client.

Guys we are providing our services from last year 2015 but we did not had any website to get direct income sources. After facing so many difficulties and problems in providing services through brokers, finally we decided that we must have a website from where we can get direct income source and can get direct money without any commission & all. Niharika is youngest and sharp minded girl in all three of us, she started searching a website promoter who can develop and promote our website to get real value of our services. After waiting 3 months she got the same what she was searching for. She got a gentleman who helped us to get work from internet as Gurgaon Russian escorts.

About Sanjana a beautiful and mind blowing independent escorts in Gurgaon

After getting a right guys for our website and online promotion we started to do better things with our clients. We all three learnt many styles and poses to make all our clients happy in the same way like a real man want. Sanjana is another girl of our group of three, she is amazing with her personality and communication skills, and she learnt many things by the use of internet to make our clients happy. I had some good amount to invest on website and all.

We did our work very carefully with perfection, then only we get this website online in your services. Guys please make a call tonight for better pleasure, we all three are full of intelligence. We know very well to pamper a client in right time with the best love of meeting. Please call our manager to book anyone of us, you just tell him the date of meeting, meeting duration, and the most important thing that brought us in this profession i.e. money. We love to meet guys in star rated hotels of Gurgaon please book a reputed hotel better privacy and more fun together. Book me today as an independent escort in Gurgaon.

No need to worry about privacy and meeting problems, Just call our guy and take rest the girl would there in just 30 minutes with you. Do not forget this is one of the best female escorts in Gurgaon because it is operated by all the independent girls living in a PG only. Please connect with us today, I am sure you will feel heaven in our company, we all three are beautiful and gorgeous looks like models. Please don’t wast your money in booking model escorts in Gurgaon because anyone of us can fulfill that requirement.

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Gentleman after a long time, I am here to discuss something about me. you may be wonder to know that I met a young and decent guy like a model escorts in Gurgaon. its was really a nice and memorable moment for me, I met that guy who called me a model escorts. He was really crazy guy, he is my regular client but yesterday he said that I looks like a real model. I am so hot and good looking like a beautiful model according to him. He said that he will call me as a Gurgaon model escorts not like a typical escort girl, he is really a nice guy who care and love a girl in very good manner.

I was really so happy when he said that you looks like a model. I know I am tall but I never got any comments for me like that, I feeling amazing in me. Please keep reading I will share all my memorable and romantic moments with you guys.

Why we are most demanded Gurgaon female escorts?

We all three are most demanded girls in Gurgaon just because of our performance and services offered by us. Gentleman you can hire any three of us for high class companion services we are sure to give you complete satisfaction by our services. All we are young, dashing and sharp minded girls just call us for making time better in Gurgaon. No need to feel bad or bore just call us to book some memorable time with us for 100% sure.

We (JyothikaNiharika and Sanjna) are ready to meet you for all your personal requirements not only personal if someone of you need an escort that can help in your business meetings and paper work you can also connect with us for better company. We are educated and good looking personalities so no worries about anything if you are facing any problem in solving office dealings and corporate meetings. Just tell us about situation and leave everything on us we can handle any situation for sure, we are confidant because we are best among all the other cheap females and call girls in Gurgaon who are serving escorts services. So connect with us for better satisfaction today.

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During the year, i am most demanded and well known escort in Gurgaon for best performance and coprative services. I, Jyothika Bhardwaj and my other two friends are best females escorts in Gurgaon just because of our availablity and mind bloowing services. Gentleman we all three are better females here in this city please call us for a really high class companion services. I, Jyothika Bhaedwaj is head and most experienced girl among all three of us please call me if you want to have fun with me.

But if you want to meet any other two out of three i.e Niharika or Sanjana you can also go ahead any of them. You will definitely get a high class romantic moments from any of us. We are also able to make some different kind of services like threesome, three on one, two on one, group meeting etc. We are ready to make some really memorable moments with any of you. Please call us as we are most populer in Gurgaon during these days. Just have fun with us and enjoy the time we are offering to you.

Know how you can hire a Russian girl from me

Gentleman as I already told you Niharika has sharpest mind among all three of us. Yesterday she went for a service in Gurgaon where Russian girls were also hired for escorts services. Niharika is capable to talk is Russian language as she learnt it during her graduation. The Girl Niharika started to talk with Russian girls and exchanged number with Russian girls for exchanging business.

Niharika told that Russian girl about our online website and said “if we will got any work for Russian girl requirement I will call you”. Russian girl got ready to change her number with Niharika and now we are able to give you a Gurgaon Russian escorts service. So guys just call us for high class Russian girl requirements also. One more thing that I want to share with you, the Russian lady who met Niharika was very beautiful and young she was just around 23 years and she was fluent in English it means she was well educated too. So guys do not go with any other agency and just call on my number to hire a Russian escort Gurgaon.

Feeling awesome during these days;

After long time I am here once again to tell something very special about my companion services. Gentleman you will surely glad to know about my companion services here, but at this section I am not going to introduce about myself but I am here to tell you the thing what I am feeling during these days. During the recent days I am feeling much better jut because of increase in demand of services in Gurgaon. I was worry to get clients in starting days when I launched my website but now I am most popular girl in Gurgaon for my companion services.

I am now offering all high profile companion services, guys you can book to attend any official meeting as I am a degree holder girl and have good communication skills. Please call me if you are going to make a business deal because my presence will enhance the chance for positive response in your business. I am lucky girl for many clients and they are hiring me for their official meetings and get together parties. By providing my services to different clients I am now feeling weightless from all the worries to get clients call. So if you also looking for good escort girl in Gurgaon please call me and I promise that you will surely like my presence with you there in your business meetings and get together parties.

Once Again Here in Gurgaon To Meet Guys

After long time I am here at the end of the day. Yes Jyothika is currently accessible in Gurgaon for all escorts administrations. I am feeling great to be here to tell every one of you all that I am on work now. In the event that you are currently prepared to interface with me please call me to meet me in Gurgaon. From most recent couple of months I am working in Delhi for my presumed customers yet now you can meet me here in Gurgaon moreover. Sorry Its truly long time to return on my site to compose something about me.

All of you can comprehend my work shedule and absence of time in this calling of spreading satisfaction. SanjanaNiharika and mysself every one of the three are presently accessible in Gurgaon to meet folks for all puposes. If it is not too much trouble call any of us to connect with us. Mail us If you need to meet any two of us or each of the three together. No compelling reason to stress over cash issues and money related issues on the off chance that you are planing to meet every one of the three of us we are prepared to meet in exceptionally moderate sum.

No need of high sum or no need spend additional cash for making your time noteworthy. We are here to serve all of you our top class execution. So call us with no idea we will get a honest to goodness call from your side.

How Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan girls are working like Russians in Gurgaon?

Its truly difficult chance to impart to you folks! I’m very mistake for everything if it’s not too much trouble, assist me with over coming from this multitude of stresses. During these day practically every one of the organizations of gurgaon are offering Russian young ladies, BUT! Does they truly Russians? You will astound to know this reality that the young ladies you are employing are not really Russians. They are comes for other little nations like “Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan”. So at the end I’m here to express something to all my other escort organization running companions that “ditch no client by giving them Uzbek young ladies at the charges of Russian young ladies”. Kindly shut down every one of these non scence things. Simply accomplish fair work so everybody can know the truth.

Another things is that I need to impart to my new and forthcoming clients of Gurgaon. Kindly don’t pay high add up to any Uzbek young lady assuming that they says they are Russians. Uzbek young ladies can be employ under Rs. 10,000/ – per shot effectively while a Russian young lady can not be enlist under this worth. A Russian young lady generally request high add up to go with any client and consequently they takes at least Rs. 15,000/ – for a single shot. So folks in the event that you observe that your employed young lady is definitely not a Russian simply pay less sum to her or on the other hand to meet a genuine Russian escorts Service in Gurgaon associate with me I am Jyothika serving first class genuine Russian young ladies.